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So what are some of the benefits of ISO 27001? Truth be told, in most cases when a client is approaching us regarding ISO 27001, it is to get certified because the end customer is requesting ISO 27001 certification. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having that motivation as the starting point, but you will hopefully also realise, that there are many more benefits to ISO 27001 than just certification. Below I have listed some of the benefits of ISO 27001 that I find are key:

  1. Satisfying customer requirement of certification against ISO 27001
  2. Makes tender responses quicker and easier
  3. Decreasing the cost associated with information security breaches
  4. Reduces likelihood of facing prosecution and fines
  5. Increased productivity through a process improvement approach
  6. Increased employee satisfaction by eliminating unnecessary work
  7. Protects brand and reputation of the organisation
  8. Minimized business risk through formal risk management procedures
  9. Protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability (CIA) of key information assets
  10. Having preventative information security measures in place
  11. Having corrective information security measures in place
  12. Improves the ability to recover operations and continue business as usual if a major incident happens
  13. Differentiation in the marketplace
  14. Compliance with legislation and regulation
  15. Higher revenue and customer satisfaction through increased trust
  16. Supports your preferred supplier status
  17. Helps to prepare for the unexpected
  18. Reduce third party scrutiny of information security requirements
  19. A management system that ensures regular review and reporting on the organisation, its objectives and areas for improvement
  20. Supports continuous improvement in the business
  21. Establishing trust with interested parties
  22. Builds a culture of security