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ISO Managed Services

To help design the ISO Managed Services we conduct an initial review to establish the detailed scope of the systems that need to be maintained and developed in order to:

– support achievement of your business objectives
– effectively support company operations and the delivery of services
– maintain compliance with company and ISO Standards requirements and certification of your integrated management system

Following this review we would design the managed service to match your requirements and budget including:

  • Internal Audit  Maintain your internal audit programme and carry out integrated audits covering all your Standards requirements (see Internal Audit).
  • Certification Body Relationship Manage the relationship with your UKAS registered assessment organisation and attend/support all continued assessment/surveillance visits (BSI).
  • Continuous Improvement Conduct regular reviews of your continuous improvement plans to ensure they are maintained up to date and support action owners to achieve the agreed improvement goals.
  • Risk Assessment Support you to effectively maintain your ongoing risk assessment in line with changes in infrastructure, operations and legislation (see Risk Management).
  • Business Continuity Carry out periodic reviews of the status of your Business Continuity Plans to ensure these are maintained up to date.
  • Documentation Maintenance Maintain a review of new or changed policy/plan/process documentation before release to ensure changes continue to be in line with ISO Standards, company requirements and legal/regulatory requirements.
  • Management Review Plan and facilitate management team reviews of the effectiveness of your integrated management system.
  • ISO Advice and Guidance Provide general advice and guidance on the maintenance and further development of your integrated management system.
  • Tender Response Help with developing responses to enquiries re the status of your management system e.g. response to ITTs.