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The annual Ponemon research study is out now and (I guess) unsurprisingly Cyber Crime continues to be on the rise. The study finds that organisations are seeing more attacks and the cost of these attacks continues to increase.

In 2013 there was 1.4 successful attacks per company each week. In 2014 this has risen to 1.7.

The most costly cyber crimes are those caused by malicious insiders, denial of services and web-based attacks. These account for more than 55 percent of all cyber crime costs per organisation on an annual basis. The cost is mainly derived from business disruption, information loss and loss of revenue.

So what does organisations do to either protect themselves or help them recover quickly from cyber crime? Certification against industry-leading standards, such as ISO 27001 or ISAE 3402, are the one activity, most organisations apply. However hiring great security leaders and experts are also high on the list.
In addition organisations can also report quite significant cost savings by employing these defences. For example by designing and implementing an information security management system the view is a cost saving of more than $1,1 million. Which of these activities are you doing in your company?

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