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Terms and Conditions for JSC Consultant Solutions Ltd.


Fees, payment and cancellation of service

T&M fees will be invoiced on a weekly basis.
All payments are due within 14 calendar days of invoice date.
For part of remote days that are worked, the Consultant shall confirm the number of hours worked on such days, and a pro-rated payment shall be paid for the hours worked by the Consultant based on the full day rate equivalent to 7.0 hours.
Any half day consultancy (onsite) will be charged at two thirds of the standard day rate.

Late payment

Any late payment will incur a late payment fee of £45 plus VAT.
Any late payment that remains outstanding after 7 calendar days will incur a 4% fee plus VAT of the total invoice amount per 7 calendar day period the payment is late.


Travel and subsistence expenses are not included in the fee and would be invoiced in addition to any other fees.

  • UK flights will be booked in economy class.
  • Flights outside of the UK will be booked in business class.
  • UK train services will be booked in first class.
  • Mileage is charged at 45p per mile

Cancellation of scheduled commitments

If scheduled commitments with the consultant is cancelled or rescheduled due to business reasons we reserve the right to invoice cancellation fees as outlined below:

  • A full standard day rate for any onsite/remote meeting scheduled for 1/2 day or more and cancelled 25 days or less before the scheduled date
  • 1/2 standard day rate for any onsite/remote meeting scheduled for less than 1/2 day and cancelled 25 days or less before the scheduled date
  • Flight and other travel expenses (if applicable) for meetings cancelled 25 days or less before the meeting


We confirm that where you give us or our employees confidential information, we shall at all times keep it confidential, except as required by law or as provided for in regulatory, ethical or other professional statements relevant to our engagement.

Limitation of liability

In no event shall either Party be liable to the other Party for any special, indirect, consequential, exemplary or incidental loss or damage, however caused, arising out of or relating to this engagement.

Other Activities

Nothing in this engagement shall prevent the Consultant from being engaged, concerned or having any financial interest in any Capacity in any other business, trade, profession or occupation during the Engagement.