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Risiko365 - Full Feature List

Would you like to have a tool that can help you run some of the critical processes in your information security management system (ISMS) or in your quality management system (QMS)?

A tool that is run from the cloud and hence can enable your team to collaborate?

A tool that will help you:

  • Manage your ISMS?
  • Manage your QMS?
  • Manage risks?
  • Manage nonconformities?
  • Manage corrective actions?
  • Manage incidents?
  • Manage opportunities for improvement?
  • Manage recurring tasks such as the quarterly restore test or the annual business continuity test?

A tool that will send out email reminders when tasks are due for review or close to the deadline?

Reminder emails

A tool that will tie the whole thing together in an online dashboard ready for your management review?

A tool that will help you either get ISO 27001 / 9001 certified or help you stay certified with a minimum strain on the resources needed to run your management system?

Well look no further as JSC Consultant has developed an online Microsoft SharePoint ISMS tool that can either be hosted by us or run on your own O365 SharePoint.

The SharePoint ISMS consist of several modules.

  1. The risk module is where you would determine risks based on assets, threats and vulnerabilities. You would score the risks based on likelihood and impact and then select controls to mitigate any risks that are not accepted. The module will then help you manage the risk treatment plan as well.
  2. The action module is where you log a nonconformity, an incident, an event, an opportunity for improvement or an action from your management review. You determine root cause, corrective action, owners, plans and deadlines.
  3. The recurring action module is the module that will help you with all those recurring tasks that are built into your ISMS or QMS. These could for example be to run an annual management review or a quarterly business continuity test exercise. In this module you set the action once and the module will help remind you, it will enable you to record the outcome of the action (so you have evidence to show the auditor) and once an action has been done a new action will be set with the set frequency.
  4. Finally there is a dashboard that is reporting real time on your ISMS or QMS. It will for example report on
    • Overdue risks
    • Root cause analysis
    • Age of actions
    • Overdue risk/actions by owner
  5. Of course because this is a SharePoint solution you can also take advantage of the document management features of Microsoft SharePoint which makes it easy to manage your ISMS or QMS.

    Download the ISO 27001 App for SharePoint