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We provide a vast range of consulting services that all aim to help the client get certified to one of the coveted ISO standards. The services needed all depends on the client needs, internal resources and information security maturity.

Some of the key services are:

  • Awareness workshop What are the benefits of an ISO management system? What do we need to do to get certified? How long will it take? What will it cost?All your questions and doubts will be well answered in our awareness workshop conducted by a senior consultant. This meeting is organised for your team to get all the relevant awareness and information that will enable you to make a beneficial decision regarding ISO 27001 or 9001 certification.
  • Design, implementation and project management of Information Security management systems leading to external certification Typically following a gap analysis, a complete project plan can be made and a certification project can be initiated. We would take overall project management responsibility, setting up the project and driving it through to external certification.
  • Consulting advice, review and guidance If you have an internal resource that will run the ISO project we can provide overall advice and guidance to help steer the project and ensure total compliance with the requirements of the ISO standard.
  • Gap analysis Where does your company stand and what are you missing before you are ready for an ISO certification audit? We would run one of these on almost all projects leading to a detailed project plan.
  • Employee training and awareness When implementing ISO Management Systems it is extremely important that all employees are not only involved in the process but also receive the necessary training and awareness. We can help design as well as deliver these training programmes.
  • Internal Audit and ongoing maintenance of the management system It is a requirement of ISO 27001, ISO 9001, ISO 20000 and ISO 14001 that internal audits are planned and conducted according to these plans. We are trained auditors and can help in both planning as well as conducting internal audits. This can be part of the implementation project and after implementation we can offer to manage internal audits as part of an ongoing audit service contract.