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Are you considering obtaining ISO 27001 certification or have you already decided to obtain ISO 27001 certification?

This might be a consideration because you have clients that request ISO 27001 certification, you might want to cut down the time it takes to complete the supplier information security questionnaires or you might be looking to create a platform that can reduce the risk to the business while also help to enable strong growth.

Of course, there might be a completely different motivation, but whatever the reason you have made a smart decision.

The benefits of ISO 27001 certification are many;

  • Higher revenue and customer satisfaction through increased trust.
  • Reduced Business Risk
  • Greater effectiveness, lower cost and process improvement.
  • Implement a robust system to manage information within an organisation and protect information assets to ensure continuity of business in the occurrence of damage or loss.
  • Continuous and steady improvement in quality.
  • Achieve a competitive business advantage over competitors

To mention a few…

To get ISO 27001 certification there are many routes, but the key steps are:

  1. Leadership commitment
  2. Nominate project manager
  3. Define scope/context
  4. Select certification body
  5. Create awareness in the organisation
  6. Perform gap analysis
  7. Prepare implementation project plan
  8. Information Security Policy
  9. Risk Assessment & Risk Mitigation
  10. Create your Statement of Applicability
  11. Write the necessary documentation
  12. Implement the plan
  13. “Run” the system
  14. Internal audits
  15. Monitor & Measure
  16. Management review
  17. Make changes and improvements

If you want to get this done in a short time frame with a minimum of time away from the core business, you should speak to us.

We deliver assessment services to BSI which means we know exactly what it takes to pass stage 1 and stage 2 certification assessments. We are also BSI Associated Consultant Platinum members which not only means we are trusted by BSI to deliver excellent consulting services; it also means we are able to offer our clients better lead times and discounts on training.

In fact, we are happy to guarantee a successful ISO 27001 certification!

Our approach is to start with a gap analysis. This would lead to a project plan that we discuss and once agreed would run.

We help with all the things required to get to certification. Our normal engagement is to provide overall project management and ISO 27001 consultancy, cloud-based risk assessment tool and facilitation, required documentation and internal audit. These are all typical deliverables that will help to significantly speed up the certification process as well as ensuring success during external audit.

Why chose JSC Consultant Solutions?

  • We have specialised in the design and implementation of ISO 27001 and other management systems.
  • Our vast experience in this field means that we can take you through to certification fast and help you stay certified – guaranteed.
  • We achieve certification results with the least amount of effort from your organisation thus allowing your staff to focus on the core business.
  • Our Senior Consultants are highly trained and approved to do assessment work for the British Standards Institution (BSI), which is one of the leading certification body. Hence, we have seen numerous management systems and knows what it takes to get ISO 27001 certified.
  • We are BSI Associated Consultant Platinum members which not only means we are trusted by BSI to deliver excellent consulting services, it also means we are able to offer our clients better lead times and discounts on training with BSI.
  • Our consultants all have a business background and will ensure you get a management system that will support your business, not a system that supports a standard.
  • We are client led and will always design a programme that fits around the client needs based on a thorough GAP analysis and risk assessment.
  •  We have many clients that will be happy to speak to you about their experience using JSC Consultant Solutions.

So, if you are considering ISO 27001 call us now (+44 (0)20 8798 9282) to discuss, how we can help you design and implement a great ISO 27001 compliant Information Security Management System and avoid all the pitfalls

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